We are experienced in government service to federal, state and regional agencies, and organizations throughout the U.S.

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  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • National Park Service
  • U.S. Air Force 45th Space Wing
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
  • St. Johns River Water Management District
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Counties -– Brevard, Indian River, Volusia
  • Cities - Palm Bay, Melbourne
  • Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute | Other NGOs
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Commercial Industry | Home Owners
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Previous Projects

Plant Community Mapping and Spatial Data Acquisition in the Floodplain of the Upper St. Johns River Contract
Project includes detailed aerial photo-interpretation of plant communities, signature key development, Quality Control Plan, heads-up digitizing in ArcGIS 9.2, and accuracy assessment for eighteen (18) properties (288,600 acres) owned or managed by the St. Johns River Water Management District. (2008-2010)
Annual Monitoring of Florida Scrub-jays for the City of Palm Bay Habitat Conservation Plan
Three-year annual monitoring from March through June for nesting and reproductive success of the Florida Scrub-jays within the City of Palm Bay, Florida. (2008-2010)
Kissimmee River Restoration Evaluation Program Vegetation Classification (KRREP) for the South Florida Water Management District Kissimmee Division District
This vegetation mapping project up-dates previous versions of vegetation mapping conducted for the KRREP. Ecospatial Analysts, Inc., working as a subcontractor, is providing detailed aerial photo-interpretation of plant community types, from high- resolution aerial imagery, with a minimum mapping unit of 125 square meters (+1345.5 square feet). (2008-2009)
Destiny - Osceola Co. Rural Land Stewardship Program, Florida
The Land Company of Osceola County LLC initiated a specialized development and conservation program for more than 45,000 acres of ranchlands located in southeastern Osceola Co. As a part of this project team we provided detailed land cover, plant community maps (with accuracy assessments), elevation analysis (LiDAR), assessed rare, threatened and endangered species habitat, and evaluated hydrologic, wetland and habitat restoration scenarios for integration into a conceptual development plan under Florida Rural Land Stewardship Program. We were responsible for collecting, storing and manipulating all GIS data associated with the project. (2006-2008)
Florida Scrub-jay Mitigation Bank Feasibility Assessment
The increase in development pressures within Florida scrub-jay habitat has demonstrate the need to conducted a statewide analysis of potential, 1000+ acre occupied and unoccupied scrub habitat for the purpose of selecting a site for a mitigation bank. Several statewide data layers were analyzed using ArcGIS 9.1 to locate potential mitigation sites based on several spatial parameters. Land owner data were collected within the sites identified. (2007-2008)
Pine Groves Conceptual Development Planning Support and Permitting Applications near Fellsmere, Florida
Complete support on environmental assessment on two parcels totaling 4100 acres. Tasks included detailed land cover and wetland mapping, jurisdictional wetland delineation, mapping accuracy assessments, threatened and endangered species surveys and field reports, and conservation, mitigation and landuse planning. (2004-2008)
Habitat Conservation Plan for Florida scrub-jays, Eastern indigo snake and gopher tortoise within the City of Palm Bay, Florida
Completed HCP, under M. Jennings USFWS Jacksonville Field Office, for three scrub species within approximately 46,000-acres city limits. The project included detailed mapping of remnant scrub habitat and species population modeling is using ArcGIS. The City elected to establish an environmental impact fee that is expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for purchase and management of scrub habitat in Florida. (2004-2007)
BeachTools and Inlet, Nearshore, and Littoral Enhancement Tool for Geographic Information Systems (INLETGIS) Partnering with the Florida Institute of Technology, we revised of the original extensions produced in ArcViewTM 3.2 to operate in recent versions of ArcGIS
These GIS toolbars for the US ACOE Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory were designed to 1) identify and quantitatively establish the position of shorelines and other coastal features from aerial imagery and 2) a methodology for an objective, rapid inlet shoal and channel analysis through classification schemes using aerial photography, respectively. (2006-2007)
Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge (PINWR) Tidal Marsh Restoration- Phase 1b Indian River County, Florida
A detailed restoration plan was developed for a highly-disturbed salt marsh mangrove systems within the PINWR. Aspects of the study included historical characterization of the area using GIS and GPS technology, permitting and interaction with other agencies that serve aquatic resource management roles in the Indian River Lagoon (2005).
Restoration Planning for Parcel data analyses for barrier island conservation at Archie Carr National Wildlife Conservation
The conservation of high quality sea turtle nesting habitat is significant to the global survival of leatherbacks. This project evaluated the quantity, general quality and ownership history of the public lands located in south Brevard County and north Indian River County. The project used Brevard and Indian River County parcel data in coordination with GIS to characterize the existing coastal barrier island landscape as it relates to leatherback habitat (2004).
Biological assessment and analysis of Atlantic leatherback sea turtle movements using satellite tracking near Port Canaveral, Florida
During the 2003 nesting season, several leatherbacks were outfitted with satellite tracking devices to monitor their movement throughout the Atlantic Ocean. This portion of the project used GIS to evaluate the movement of twelve leatherbacks from the satellite tracking data. Data for each leatherback were analyzed with a series of spatial parameters that included shipping lanes and oceanic bathymetry. The positions were overlaid on aerial/satellite imagery and movement patterns were investigated in association with season, water depths, and water temperature (2004).
Plant community mapping and spatial data acquisition for the Upper Basin of the St. Johns River in Florida to provide a baseline to metric land management planning within the watershed (2001-2003)
Study on 24-years of dolphin stranding data as a part of the National Marine Fisheries Marine Mammal Stranding Network for the Indian River Lagoon region
This study identified hot spots of dolphin mortality for various age classes of the population, and other dolphin stranding variables (2002).
Environmental Assessment for the Space Shuttle Simulator at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida (2004)
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the International Research Park on Kennedy Space Center, Florida (2002)
Environmental Land Use Planning and Wetland Mitigation Planning on Kennedy Space Center, Florida (2001)